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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Australian Troops to Withdraw from Iraq

This report out of "The Australian" newspaper, is clear on the position that the current opposition in parliament would take if they win the election on the ninth of this month...

Mr Rudd confirmed that Labor would withdraw Australian troops in Iraq by the end of the year but would retain naval and air force detachments there as well as security forces necessary to ensure the safety of Australian diplomats in Baghdad.

Cut and run. I will be ashamed to be Australian the day Mark Latham announces withdrawal. The last thing we need in the war on terror is for the allied partnership to fall apart. It will strengthen the resolve of other governments worldwide, that the USA is further isolated, it will strengthen the resolve of Al Qaeda and all other terror rings to continue attacking western civility.

More than ever allies need to stand together, firm their intentions of not backing down, and put the Islamic demons back on their heals.

Yours sincerely
the king of the Hill

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