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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Index - Politics/Current Affairs in the US (General)

Entries regarding politics and/or current affairs in the US, or from a US perspective

2004 Elections
Edwards concedes without concedeing
George W Bush win in the USA!
Bush takes Florida
Fox News poll of important issues
Relections of a Race of Faith.
Election Party!
"It's only a Little Lie" said Pinnochio John
Kerry will "Name and Shame"
...ho humm? You call this story 'ho humm'??!
"Pinnochio John", How do YOU define "integrity, integrity, integrity..."?
Kerry Health Plan a Nightmare for Small Business
Kerry Rejected from Speaking at Church
Kerry and Excommunication
John "Christian" Kerry Has Found His Voice
Kerry in Church
Kerry Digs Deep - Will it be His Political Grave?
Kerry Supports Polygamy, Swinging, and Infidelity?!!
Bush vs Kerry - final debate
TellHim and Diana Kerry - two peas in a pod
Star Tribune Watch - Front Page
Debates So Far... Scorecard for Lehrer, Ifill and Gibson
The Bush Aftermath
Bush vs Kerry
Cheney Kicks Eddies Butt in Debate!

Sinclair Broadcast Group and Stolen Honor - stolen minutes!?
Star Tribune Watch - Front Page (Coverage of Australian Election Results)

Does Anyone Know a Sgt Riggins?
Kenneth Bigley - last update
Duelfer Report - Chemical and Biological Agents/Programs found in IRAQ
Kenneth Bigley - Update
Saddam Fooled Bush, the UN and Everybody
Kenneth Bigley - Still Alive?

Gay Marriage
Gay Movement Blurs the concept of 'Friendship'
Same sex marriage amendments
Married Gays from Canada, Have Rights in US!?!

Foreign Affairs
The Rag Headed Islamo-Pig is finally DEAD!
Afghanistan Election - Good News

Privacy Invasion at US Borders
Missing But Not Forgotten

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