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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Advent 3 – Mt 11:2-11- Surrounding Context

Preceding Passage Notes

Chapter 10 - Jesus sends out the Twelve

Common Words - Lepers 10:8/ 11:5, Dead 10:8/ 11:5

Prophet 10:41/11:9

Summary - Jesus send out disciples with authority to perform miracles and the power to cast out evil spirits. Mission is to the Jews, not Gentiles. They were to preach the message kingdom of heaven is near. They were given strict instructions on how to conduct themselves as they visited various towns. Warns that they will be persecuted, and that some will be killed. Passages could be attributed to post Jesus ascension than just during this period of commission.
Similar themes - 'Poverty' - disciples were not to take belongings 10:9-10/John was not dressed in fine clothes 11:8


Following Passage Notes

11:12-19 John - Elijah returned

Common Words - Prophet 11:9/11:13

Summary - Jesus states that John is Elijah returned. That the prophets pointed to John. Jesus comments on how the people did not respond to either John or Jesus ("...did not..." v17).

Similar themes - John the prophet - both passages deal directly with who John was.


1. Structural Diagram
2. Surrounding Context
3. Key Cross References
4. Key Questions
5. Thoughts and Meditation

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