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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Recipe Blog... now here's something we can all enjoy!

A recipe blog! I just started surfing Blogexplosion and I came across this blogsite. This is about the most unique site I have come across while surfing BE... Posting recipes that you have tried and know to be good. The great part with a blog is the level of interaction, you could read people's comments on how the recipe turned out, or get a tip or two, on some part of the process. I almost feel motivated to start another blog where I could put up some of my own favorites... boiled eggs, toast, and the ever popular cup of filter coffee!

Seriously though, evryone who knows me personally, knows how I like awesome food. I look forward to dropping in and spotting something I'd like to try myself. If you like food (who doesn't) you might want to try it out...

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