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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Gay Movement Blurs the concept of 'Friendship'

This is outrageous!

"...the head of the Anglican Church in Australia, Peter Carnley, is urging followers to adjust their attitudes to homosexuality and think of gay relationships as merely "friendship"." READ FULL

Having found the issue of homosexual marriage detestable to the general public in Australia, the gay lobby has launched another attack front. Trying to change the mindset of the churchgoer, as to just what gay's are talking about when they talk about their relationships. In Carnley's modified view of the world, gay's, lesbians, (and for that matter probably bisexuals, and pedophile's) are really only talking about ... friendship.

"Same sex relationships are best spoken of by using the category of friendship, which does not so much as raise an implication, let alone the logical necessity and thus the expectation, of sexual activity," Dr Carnley told the general synod in Fremantle on Saturday

His logic places all gay relationships together into the same category of relationship as a mateship with your buddy at the pub or gym. This is absolutely not true! Opting for the politically correct term "same sex relationships" in place of "homosexual relationships" (what he intended to mean) he cleverly masks the dangerous path he wanted the listener to go down. Friendship is so benign a term, that of course the anyone hearing that two guys had a 'friendship' would never even think that they may have amorous fellings for each other. Yet, if you accept this term for these two guys it destroys any delineation between types of relationships altogether. A 'friendship' no longer is just two guys at the bar having a laugh over a beer, but two guys in a bar that are open to romantic love.

"Also, as Christians, we should not allow ourselves to be browbeaten by the permissive society into the view that chastity and abstinence from sexual activity is an entirely unrealistic impossibility among adults."

Abstinent homosexuals should refer to the relationships they have with other homosexuals as friendships, but only if it meets the true definition of the word. When 'friendship' could mean a romantic partnership, albeit abstinent, it creates a grey space where people cannot draw a line. Where exactly does one delineate regular friendship from a romantic relationship, if you accept as friendship notions of romantic love? At whether cohabitation exists? When 'physical intimacy of any kind' has or has not occured? When 'genital contact' was made? Whether expressions of affection (if that could be defined) had been made, and reciprocated? Give me a break.

The difference in my mind is not whether homosexual's are defined as being friends, or lovers. It's whether they pursue the romantic temptation for someone of the same gender. For Christians, the issue should be in clarifying exactly what the sin is. Start from there, and you have an easy road in formulating church constitution with relation to issues like this.

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