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Monday, October 25, 2004

...ho humm? You call this story 'ho humm'??!

CQ wrote about how the revelation that Kerry lied about meeting with the UN was met by the blogosphere. Captain Ed writes:

Quite a bit of the blogosphere has reacted with a shrug to the Washington
Times article this morning about John
Kerry's UNSC Fantasy Camp
. The general reaction thus far is, So what? We all
know that Kerry lies. Another verified instance of this seems to appeal less to
the hardened political junkies than it should.
No kidding! This story is anything but 'ho hum'. Yes the hype was driven higher and higher, and so the expectations were for something monumental. The point to be made is that for the John Kerry who presents himself to the electorate as 'Mr Honesty', has been shown to be anything but. Yes, we know this is not the first instance, he has lied umpteen times to the elctorate. Here however, he is investigated thoroughly by a mainstream newspaper, and called on it. The left and the swingers have been able to dismiss other claims as right wing spin, or questionable propaganda, but here we have a verifiable story by a supposed 'bi-partisan' source.

For Kerry to lie before the country, during the debate, in this fashion, is despicable. He will not be the next president.

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