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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Prop. 26C - Lk 19:1-10 - Key Questions

v5 Jesus insisted on staying with Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus responded instantly. Who accepted who? Had Zacchaeus already made inroads of faith, or was he simply a lost soul waiting for Jesus intrusion?
The point that Luke is making here in this story, is that Jesus seeks the lost. Jesus is the one who initiates the conversation. Jesus is the one who invites HIMSELF to Zacchaeus' home. Yet Zacchaeus ran ahead, he planned on meeting Jesus. Was his climbing the tree simply to gain a better viewpoint, or to become more visible? There seems to be resolution to this question, in the cross reference Lk 12:31, and 13:24. Jesus calls people to seek Him. His promise comes in Lk 18:7, to bring about justice for those who ask. It seems from the context of these two chapters that God is looking for His people. That is, those who are seeking Him.

v8 Zacchaeus uses the title 'Lord' for Jesus, what significance does this have to understanding this story?
The title Lord, is not used lightly. Lord implies being subject to, in ownership of. For Zacchaeus to use this title of Jesus, shows that he was placing himself under Jesus authority, unlike Zacchaeus' counterpart, the rich ruler, who was subject to his god; wealth. The rich ruler did not want to let go, and seek Jesus, he wanted THE KINGDOM as a possesion.

v10 'Seek and save', how does this verse connect with the prior passages?
Jesus gave an overview of the state of the world at his coming, in Lk 17:20-35. It would be like the days of Noah, and Sodom. A vast state of 'lostness'. Jesus offers his promise of ready justice Lk 18:7, and is seeking people who CAN be saved.

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