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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Advent 4 – Mt 1:18-25- Surrounding Context

Preceding Passage Notes –

Genealogy of Jesus - Matt 1:1-17
Summary – Matthew lists the genealogy of Jesus, from Abraham to King David, King David to Jechoniah (exile in Babylon), and from Jechoniah to Jesus. He makes the point that there were fourteen generations in each of these groupings.

Similar themes – none?

Following Passage Notes -

The Visit of the Magi - Matt 2:1-12
Summary – The Magi travel to see Jesus. They meet with Herod, who asked them to report to him when they found Jesus. The Magi find Jesus, and worship Him. They do not go back to Herod.
Similar themes – Message comes in a Dream 1:20/2:12

1. Structural Diagram
2. Surrounding Context
3. Key Cross References
4. Key Questions
5. Thoughts and Meditation

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