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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Christ the King - Lk 23:33-43 - Surrounding Context

What I notice in the whole of chapter 23, is the countervoices announcing on one hand Jesus innocence, and on the other the accusatorial mocking for Jesus to prove Himself. There are two distinct camps: those who want Jesus dead, the other that stands up for Jesus. A point of interest is that those who recognise Jesus as innocent are not His friends - who seem to stand off afraid to step in - but Pilate, Herod, the criminal on the cross, a centurion, and Joseph of Arimethea.

Preceding Passage Notes - Chapter 23:1-32

Jesus before Pilate and Herod- Luke 23:1-25
Common Words:
mocked - v11 Herod and soldiers
King (of the Jews) - v2, 3 Pilate and accusers ask whether Jesus is king of Jews
deeds deserve - v4, 15 Pilate proclaims Jesus has done nothing worthy of death
Summary - Jesus is brought before pilate who refuses to pass judgement, and sends Him to Herod. Herod also refuses to pass judgement, and sends Him back to Pilate. He appeals to the people, who call out for Jesus to be crucified. Pilate relents and turned Jesus over to be executed.
Similar Themes - mockery and punishment - Herod and soldiers/onlookers and one of the criminals. Pilate punishes Jesus/Jesus is executed.
Innocence - Pilate proclaims Jesus innocent/criminal on cross proclaims Jesus innocent.

Jesus is taken away to be Crucified - Luke 23:26-32
Summary - Jesus is taken to be crucified. Simon of Cyrene carries the cross for Jesus. Jesus talks to mourning women on His way.

Following Passage Notes - Chapter 23:44-56

Jesus Death - Luke 23:44-49
Summary - Changes in weather and temple curtain torn. Jesus dies. The Centurion exclaims that Jesus was righteous, observers leave. Jesus' associates and friends continue to look on.
Similar Themes - Jesus prays - 'Into your hands I place my spirit'/Forgive them
Innocence - Centurion proclaims Jesus as righteous/criminal proclaims Jesus as innocent

Jesus Burial - Luke 23:50-56
Summary - Joseph of Arimethea arranges Jesus burial. Jesus is put into a new tomb, with the women from Galilee watching. They prepare to anoint Jesus on the day after the Sabbath.

1. Structural Diagram
2. Surrounding Context
3. Key Cross References
4. Key Questions
5. Thoughts and Meditation

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