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Friday, November 05, 2004

Prop. 28C - Lk 21:5-19 - Surrounding Context

This passage is part 1 of a two part section on the coming persecution, the destruction of the temple, and the end times. The literary and thematic connections are very strong with the passages that follow. There is also a thematic connection with the parable of the tenants, Luke 20:9-19. Here Jesus tells of the tenants who turned against there master, and persecuted and eventually killed the masters son. In this weeks passage Jesus warns of the persecution to come. In the parable Jesus talks of the 'vineyard' being turned over to others. In Luke 21:24 Jerusalem is turned over to the Gentiles.

Preceding Passage Notes - Chapter 19:45-21:4

Jesus gets mad... - Luke 19:45-48
Summary - Jesus confronts the corruption of the temple market. Quotes Isa 56:7, Jer 7:11. Jesus then begins to teach in the temple. "Chief priests, scribes, and leaders of the people" begin to look to kill Jesus.
Similar themes - Temple - This looks like it could be a "bookend", encapsulating the intermediate passages into one complete section ending at 21:38

On what authority? - Luke 20:1-8
Summary - The "Chief priests, scribes, and elders" ask Jesus for an account of the authority he is under. Jesus asks them back where John the baptists authority came from, heaven or man? They cannot answer, Jesus refuses to answer also.
Similar themes - Authority - Jesus' authority is questioned/ Jesus verbalises authority, eg v15 "For I will give you words and wisdom"

Jesus Passes judgment on the Scribes and Chief Priests - Luke 20:9-19
Summary - Parable tells of vineyard, owner goes away, putting tenants in charge, The tenants throw out the messengers the owner sends to the vineyard for reports. Owner sends his Son who the tenants kill. Question is put: what will the owner do? Kill the tenants, and give vineyard to others. Scribes and chief priests realized Jesus meant them. They want to kill Jesus.
Similar themes - Persecution of God's people - in the parable messengers are mistreated/ Prophecy that the disciples will be persecuted.

Jesus Dodges a Trap - Luke 20:20-26
Common Words - deliver - v20
Summary - "Scribes and chief priests " send spies who attempt to trap Jesus. They ask Jesus to tell them whether they should pay taxes. Jesus replies by asking for a coin, and asking them whose face appears on the coin. The emperor's. Then Jesus tells them to pay to the emperor what is his, and to God the thing's that are God's. Leaves them stunned.
Similar Theme - arrest and betrayal - Scribes etc wanted to 'deliver' Jesus/ faithful will be delivered to persecuters

The Sadducees confront Jesus - Luke 20:27-40
Summary - The Sadducees are proved ignorant, in a question regarding the resurrection. Jesus shows His Knowledge
Similar theme - Life (?) - God of the living/ standing firm you will gain life ( v19)

Son? - Luke 20:41-44
Summary - Jesus poses a question based on David's statement, "The Lord said to my Lord". How can the Messiah be David's Son?
Similar themes - NONE?

Denouncement of the Scribes - Luke 20:45-47
Summary - Jesus publicly denounces the scribes, as proud and that they will receive the 'greater condemnation'
Similar themes - NONE?

The biggest giver - Luke 21:1-4
Summary -Jesus compares the giving of a poor widow, to that of the rich at the temple. She gave out of what she needed, rather than the excess that the rich gave from.
Similar themes - NONE?

Following Passage Notes - Chapter 21:20-38

Jerusalem Falls - Luke 21:20-33
Common Words - time - v22, 23, 34
sign - v25
Nation - v24
Summary - Jesus tells of the fall of Jerusalem, and the scattering of the Jews to come. Also of the very end times when he returns.
Similar themes - Prophecy - Continuation of prophecy, specific to do with the fall of Jerusalem or temple

Warning to stand strong - Luke 21:34-38
Common Words - time- v34
Summary - Jesus gives a warning to stand strong in faith. Completes with a description of Jesus daily teaching in the temple.
Similar themes - Standing firm - Be always on the watch/ standing firm (v19)
Temptation to stray - be careful -dissipation, drunkenness, anxieties of life/ by deception (v8-9)

1. Structural Diagram
2. Surrounding Context
3. Key Cross References
4. Key Questions
5. Thoughts and Meditation

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