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Monday, November 01, 2004

Prop. 27C - Lk 20:27-38 - Introduction

1. Structural Diagram
2. Surrounding Context
3. Key Cross References
4. Key Questions
5. Thoughts and Meditation

Update Thurs 3:25am: I have had a lot of fun in the last part of this study. It is amazing how a text can become so much more meaningful, when one is able to take a deeper look at the background, and also be more willing to grapple with it. I am happy with the conclusions I came to.

Again I open up the invitation for people to comment or email. If I missed an important point, or there is a link you think I should read, then please let me know... other would probably appreciate it also.

Monday: I have not gotten as much done on this weeks lectionary text as I would have liked, because I spent a lot of time this last weekend making changes to the look of my blog site. I like the way it looks now a whole lot more than the generic style page I had before.

Take a look at the work I've done already, and check back as the week progresses, as I will be completing the study through the week. At this point it seems that there is quite a bit more doctrine to chew on, than in last weeks text. I guess we'll see.

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