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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Currently Reading - A Time For Trumpets

A Time For Trumpets by Charles B MacDonald

Charles Macdonald writes a detailed account of the "Battle of the Bulge". I started reading this book yesterday, and it has been captivating. The first cahpetrs recount how Hitler managed to devise an attack on the allied forces during the late part of 1944 in the area of Ardennes in Belgium. Under the cloak of secrecy and a deception campaign, he ammssed forces against the sparse defenses in that area of the front. His intention was to use this attack as a means to retake the port city of Antwerp, which the allies had taken.

What immediately came to mind from the retelling of the story, is how often people become blinded by the consensus. The allied forces completely discounted the idea that Hitler would attack in the Ardennes, because it was felt that an army would not be able to negotiate the area with enough ease to make it productive to the advance of the front. This option for attack came to be held as an undeniable fact. Everybody knew that that was NOT the plan in the minds of the Germans.

How often do we make the same mistake, to believe the majority to our detriment? The majority is not always right?

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