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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cheney Kicks Eddies Butt in Debate!

Have only heard a bit of the commentary after the debate, and so have not had a real chance to hear how others viewed it. I think Cheney absolutely demolished Edwards in the debate. Edwards had been talked up as a proficient lawyer, and I expected more. If he is so accomplished at debating and winning points, his effort last night was terrible. His hand gestures, distracted me all the way through, and came off as insincere in his arguments. They showed me that he was someone in desperation trying to win his case, not as someone with irrefutable proof of the claims he was making.

Cheney style of delivery struck me as proficient in his knowledge of the material he was talking about, (except in the issue of AIDS domestically, where I believe he was caught off guard, but then so was Edwards), and graceful. Yes, after all the talk of Cheney being hard-nosed, I was surprised when I saw his graceful side when he let the questions rest. Some might think he let off the pressure, but I think he presented himself in a way that one could tell that there was ammunition in reserve that he could have unleashed.

Edwards came very off poorly in his arguments on gay marriage and partnerships. He did not articulate himself well, and did not put his stance on the issue very clearly at all.

I personally liked the interviewer. She asked straight questions of each of the candidates. The question that most surprised me was to Edwards:

Ten men and women have been nominees of their parties since 1976 to be vice president. Out of those ten, you have the least governmental experience of any of them.
What qualifies you to be a heartbeat away?

I think it caught Edwards off guard, and his answer was poor. After his answer I was left with the feeling, "God help us if they get voted in, and something happens to Kerry." If there would be one thing worse than a Kerry presidency, it would be an Edwards one.

I think Cheney won. Now I'll go find out what others thought.

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