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Saturday, October 09, 2004

John Howard and Coalition Win in Australia!

Unbelievable! After all the media hype, and spin that The race in Australia's election was going to be neck and neck, too close to call, John Howard wins his fourth term in office. He didn't do it by sneaking in, but by increasing his majority! The liberal media in Australia has been trying desperately to stave off Howard's electoral win, because of Iraq. His win is truly remarkable!

Reflecting on this win through today, I was continually stunned by the fact that Howard won AND increased his lead. He looks to have possibly gained control of the Senate. Reading news reports, and editorials in the online news sites, from this side of the world, I had the strong impression that Labor would possibly gain victory, and if not then a hung parliament. I woke up to the news that Howard had INCREASED his majority.

This IS a mandate. Despite the reports in the media that people do not like the Iraq policy, the truth is the exact opposite. They want someone who will continue to keep Australia safe by fighting the battle abroad.

I absolutely believe we are seeing the same pattern here in the States. The media is painting a picture that the public does not want the war. I believe that by the time counting is over in the coming election, Bush will have a similar mandate that Howard got yesterday. We will find out soon enough.

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