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Friday, October 08, 2004

Kenneth Bigley - Update

So now we have further developments in the Bigley situation. The Irish government issued Bigley with an Irish passport, so his Irish heritage could be emphasised.

His family hope that by stressing his Irish connections, his kidnappers will be persuaded to release him. Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern said he was happy to agree to the family's request and hoped "it will contribute to the efforts to secure his release".

What is happening here? The article doesn't clearly state why the terrorists would be considerate of the fact that Bigley is Irish. One has to assume that the idea is that because the Irish have a terrorist cause themselves, then somehow these terrorists will feel a sense of brotherhood. It is ludicrous! Islamic-pig terrorists only believe in themselves, and westerners of any color race or religion are seen as the 'infidel' - pigs who should be slaughtered like the first two hostages (1 2 Warning: extremely graphic links. Do not click if unwilling to be repulsed.). I can understand the desperateness of the family to attempt to gain a compassionate release of Kenneth on these grounds. The only brotherhood between the Islamic terrorists and the Irish Republican Army, is that they are brothers in hell. The taking of innocent blood is one of the things God hates.

Someone who has shown an immense lack of compassion, tact, and good taste is comedian Billy Connolly. He let out a joke, "Don't you just wish they would just get on with it?", which understandably fell flat with the audience. His joke reveals his inner mind, and what to him is funny.

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