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Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry will "Name and Shame"

I have been reading a transcript of Kerry's Speech to the "Council on Foreign Relations", back in Dec 2003. In the speech he says...

And in my first 100 days, I will launch a "name and shame" campaign against
individuals, banks and foreign governments that are financing terror in the
world. And those who fail to respond will be shut out of American financial

I wonder if he still intends to do that, seeing that, terrorist sponsors have included the nations of France, Russia, China were implicated in the OIL FOR WEAPONS scandal. Oh, that's right. Saddam Hussein WAS NOT a terrorist. He was a victim of those terrible sanctions!

"Jacques old boy, you were very naughty! Shame, Shame Shame!

Yeah right. If I have Kerry worked out it'll go more like this... "John Howard, Tony Blair, you were evil when you decided to support Bush in Iraq... Your material support of the evil war is SHAMEFUL!"

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