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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Star Tribune Watch - Front Page

The Australian Election
I turned to the Star Tribune to see what they covered on the Australian election. I may expecting a little too much, but I expected that a sliver of the front page might be devoted to this important election result. Instead I find an article devoted to the risks involved in reality TV. Unbelievable! So I start turning pages until I get to page 9, where finally I see Howards picture and the headline. Then I look at the sub-title...

"In voters' minds, a surging economy outweighed an unpopular decision to
send troops to Iraq"

What a load of BS! There is no way that that assertion can be made from the results. Why the people of Australia voted for Howard, could just have well been, because of the war. It's just a load of liberal spin!

Update: CQ has added a few more thoughts by the Boston Globe
The liberal media has been been absolutely certain that the reason a country would vote the way Australia did is because of ANYTHING but the war in Iraq.
Worries about how the opposition Labor Party might handle the
economy clearly outweighed anger over Howard's widely unpopular decision last
year to send 2,000 soldiers to fight with US and British forces invading

Again what a load of BS!

Cover story - Fraud allegations tarnish Afghan vote
I find it difficult to believe that this story could receive as much attention as it has. The election results in Afghanistan were called into question, because of the use in some areas of washable ink, for the thumbprinting of each of the voters. The media focused on this one aspect of the historic day for the country of Afghanistan. On the day of democracy, the most the lead article of the day can come up with, is that the elections are illegitimate. It is amazing that they are having elections at all!

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