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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Advent 1 – Mt 24:36-44 – Surrounding Context

What I noticed in the context of this passage is a strong connection of the idea regarding the future, as well as Jesus return. The idea of readiness and not being idle is very strong in the passage that follows on from this passage.

Preceding Passage Notes –

Signs of the End of the Age - Matt 24:1-35

Summary Jesus is asked about the temple and it's fall. Jesus prophesies regarding the coming

tribulation, and the end of the world.

Common words

days - hemera - v19, 22, 29

angels - aggelos - v31

heaven - ouranos - v29, 30, 31, 35

coming - parousia - v3, 27

coming - erchomai - v5, 30

know - ginosko - v32, 33

Similar themes

future events are discussed in both of these passages.

Following Passage Notes -

The faithful and Wise Servant and the Wicked Servant - Matt 24:45-51

Summary – Jesus uses an illustration to contrast two types of followers, the one who is doing God's will, and the other who does not. Describes the punishment that is coming to those who are not doing His will.

Common Words -

days - hemera - v50

hour - hora - v50
coming - erchomai - v46, 48
know - ginosko - v50

Similar themes –

'Timeframe' The wicked servant becomes lazy because time is going by, Day or hour not known

two contrasting archetypes - two men in field one taken, other 'abandoned', and same with women is similar to the two servants. One faithful, and the other worthy of punishment.

'readiness' - need to be ready at all times/ need to be ready when master returns


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5. Thoughts and Meditation

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