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Monday, October 11, 2004

Relief Funds Reduce Terror?

I was reading my latest copy of the World Vision Australia's Newsletter they mail, to me, and was suprised by the political editorial by Chief Executive of WVA, Tim Costello (Tim is brother of Australia's Treasurer - Peter Costello). In the opinion piece he slams

"the government unwilling to aid the world's poor".

In the article he then claims that,

"A thousand Aussies every week are signing up to sponsor children living in poor communities around the world".

Tim is so far engrossed in big government, and the belief that people should be taxed to pay for the world's problems, that he cannot see the incredible opportunity that he has to gain a source of revenue far larger than any government could possibly provide. WV should be fueling the fire of compassion in people, not the government. When people give, it builds compassion. When the government gives it breeds resentment, due to the disconnection of the giving process. Tim is clueless to the source of government revenue:

"the government has the money and the means to do this. All they lack is the willingness to do it"

Where does that money come from Tim? His heart is in the right place, his mind just needs to get there as well. Take this quote for example:

Australians do not feel safe. Beslan has shown the new depths to which terrorists will sink, and who of us understands the complexity of Chechnya's grievances? The Jakarta bombing and reported kidnappings in Iraq have reminded us again of the vulnerability individuals face, whether Australian, Iraqi or Indonesian. The reflexive reaction of both the Coalition and Labor to the appalling attack on our citizens is to increase spending on defence and intelligence and focus on strengthening our military alliances. This is necessary but not enough. In Jakarta we saw that increased investment in these areas mitigated the loss of life. But what both parties have overlooked is the need to invest in basic human security. Not just in Australia, but abroad. Human security embraces both the need for personal safety under law, with security from the widespread and chronic threats of hunger, disease and repression. It is more than simply protecting territories within borders against external aggression.


To increase our national security we have increased our defence and intelligence budgets while allowing our foreign aid budget as a percentage of gross national income to sink to historically low levels.

Terrorism may be fueled by poverty, but the answer to resolving terrorism is certainly not foreign aid focused towards relief. Poverty exists in many of these countries, due to poor governance. Dictatorships, fascist, communist governments the world over have driven people into poverty, or have done nothing to lift these countries out of poverty. Foreign aid will do nothing to change that situation, and so foreign aid will do nothing to reduce the breeding ground of terror that lurks there. Tim Costello is misled once again.

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