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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Our Pet Dog gets Killed

Our pet maltese dog, only three years old, was killed by the neighbors dog's today. Amazing how when something like this happens to you, the feelings of injustice arise, and the anger! I really felt like, I could go over there and kill these dogs... We have another maltese also, and we are fearful now for it's safety... Apparently, in MN dogs get warnings, the neighbors will be allowed to keep their dogs.

I can see how this sort of event can destroy neighborhoods. The resentment I can feel building, against these people... and we barely know, them being in a new housing estate, is very strong. If I have to fear for our other dogs life every time from now on when I put our dog outside, AND they get to keep the dogs that did this... ARRRHHHH it makes me mad!

I wonder if this is how tribal feuds started in ancient times?

God help me to be able to forgive...

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