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Sunday, October 17, 2004

John "Christian" Kerry Has Found His Voice

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the emerging strategy of the Kerry
campaign. At some point in the in the recent weeks the democrats must have found
that John Kerry was not seen by the public as a man of strong faith.

John F. Kerry is evolving from a reserved Catholic reluctant to discuss faith in the
public square into a Democratic preacher of sorts who speaks freely and sometimes forcefully about religion on the hustings.

Also see previous post on the number of times Kerry has spoken in church (and a few other events

The man who opposes his denomination and votes against a ban on Partial birth Abortion
, and does not vote at all in the passage of the bill, is claiming that Bush is short on deeds.

The man who would have left Saddam in power, says of Bush "...failing the Biblical test set by the Good Samaritan, saying, "He's seen people in need, but he's crossed over to the other side of the street."

Kerry is a demagogue. He will say anything to win over the hearts of people... and the current target group in vogue is the Christian, be they catholic, or protestant. (Oh, and the hunter in Ohio is another target...)

This all comes at a time when conservative groups have been attempting to bring greater attention to the gay marriage issue. An issue that resonates with the Christian populace. In my belief Kerry is setting a smoke screen to blur the faith differences between himself and Bush. He paints himself as a compassionate "Doer of the Word", which amount to expending taxpayer money on social security, and public health care and public education, while Bush is painted as someone not on the side of the needy and under-privileged who talks about faith, and doesn't do anything about it.

The ironic fact is that Kerry would quite openly sell himself as faith motivated in the areas of social security, health and education, but then argue that he will not impose his faith when it comes to moral, or ethical issues such as partial birth abortion, and gay marriage. The hypocrisy is irreconcilable.

related: CQ has an excellent piece on Kerry, Abortion and Catholic faith... (I am not catholic, am not sure on the nuances of "mortal sin" and the like ( I guess I should find out), but am able to understand the hypocrisy implied. Read it.

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