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Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry and Excommunication

At the same time that Kerry is trying to sidle up to Christians, the Catholic Church is moving to excommunicate Kerry (some say he is already). READ

...any Catholic politician who says he is "personally opposed to abortion, but supports a woman's right to choose," incurs automatic excommunication. It also provided a basis for Balestrieri to broaden his canonical actions and file additional complaints against four more pro-abortion Catholic politicians: Democrat Senators Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and Tom Harkin of Iowa; Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine; and former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, a Democrat.
Whether this will be actioned into the practice of the church, is doubtful. So what does this mean for Kerry? It will mean it will be tougher for him to gain a Catholic podium to speak from. Churches already are beginning to feel the eyes of the IRS turn their way, (after groups like Interfaith Alliance and Americans United for Separation of Church and State put complaints to them). The priest would now have the eyes of the Vatican turn their way, if they were to provide a place for Kerry to 'preach'. Kerry will probably limit his church campaigning to baptist and other protestant churches... well at least those who will have him!

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