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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Kerry in Church

UPDATED 10/17/04
After reading Powerlineblog, and some trackbacks to his entry 1 2, I decided to crawl around the web and see how often Kerry and crew had campaigned at churches. Here is what I found...
This a link list of times that Kerry has appeared in church... there may be a few 501C abuses here?!

Church Appearances
Greater Bethlehem Temple Church in Jackson, Mississippi March 2, 2004 "We have to march against not just a credibility gap, but a credibility Grand Canyon."
Kerry does not mention Bush by name, but by his policy and quotes. His strongest 'campaigning' words here would probably be: "so we march forward against a sorry politics where too often words suffice where deeds are demanded"

"predominantly black church with veterans of the movement." Sunday March 8 ""We need to remember those words as we march forward against a sorry politics where too often words suffice, where deeds aren't demanded," said Kerry, ridiculing promises Bush made during the last election."

SS.. Cyril and Methodius March 14, 2004 "Senator Kerry and his entourage came to Sunday Mass very late, during the homily, disrupting everyone in the church with his tardy and exhibitionist entrance. Moments later, Kerry approached the Altar and was given sacrilegious Holy Communion. Most parishioners watched in shock. "

Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church March 21, 2004 "Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry made a stop at a Catholic church during his Idaho vacation Sunday to attend Mass, loudly arriving 11 minutes late and wearing a ski suit.
According to a report in the American Spectator, a senior staff member in the Kerry Campaign said, "It was just a media-op. We set it up with some reporters that we knew were going to be there."

New Northside Missionary Baptist Church Sunday March 28, 2004 "James 2:14"
"Again without naming Bush, Kerry said the administration had delivered a more divisive message."
this from his actual speech...
My brothers and sisters, our present national leadership may be taking us around a corner, but it is a corner that leads to a dead end road paved with broken promises. Well, I'm here to say that if we stand together we can set a new direction for America. A new direction of hope and opportunity for all our children.

Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal Church in Dorchester, Mass. Sunday April 4, 2004 "Rev. Gregory Groover said from the pulpit during the Palm Sunday service. "And we say, God, bring him on, the next president of the United States."

Speech before the AME Convention July 6, 2004 "Send Me"
We look at what is happening in America today and we say: Where are the deeds? For the last four years all we have heard is empty words. Well, let me tell you something. I am running for president because it's time to turn the words into deeds, and faith into action. I believe that talk is cheap. It is time to back up our words with action. And, as president, that is just what I am going to do.
With one clear voice, we must all say: Send me to fight for good-paying jobs that let American families actually get ahead - an America where the middle class is doing better, not being squeezed. Send me to make it clear that health care is a right, not a privilege in America, reserved only for the wealthy or the elected or the connected.Send me to fight for a good education for all our children with funding that truly leaves no child behind.Send me to alleviate poverty and hopelessness wherever they exist in America. Send me to make this nation energy independent so that no young American in uniform is ever held hostage to our dependence on Mideast oil.Send me to build a strong military, and lead strong alliances, so young Americans are never put in harm's way because we needlessly insisted on going it alone.

National Baptist Convention Thursday Sept 9, 2004 "Bush no Good Samaritan"

First Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina Sunday Sept 12 - Photos

East Mt. Zion Baptist Church October 3, 2004 "It is clear: For four years, George W. Bush may have talked about compassion, but he’s walked right by. He’s seen people in need, but he’s crossed over to the other side of the street.
So let me ask you: Can America afford four more years of George W. Bush? "
This whole speech was partisan, and campaigning.

Mass at Catholic Church see also Sunday October 10, 2004 "Ignore gay 'marriage' issue" "... also attended Mass at St. James Catholic Church. Aides said it was for his own personal worship rather than for any campaigning."

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Miami. Here also IRS Asked To Probe IRS asked to Probe 2 Sunday October 10 - Photos / "Speakers avoided criticizing President Bush by name, since they were in church, but he was indirectly vilified.
Former Rep. Carrie Meek said Kerry is "fighting against liars and demons. ... He challenges the man who walks with a jaunty step." She rocked her hips in an imitation of Bush's swagger as the congregation cheered and Kerry laughed from his high-backed seat behind the pulpit."

Specially arranged Mass for Mr. Kerry in Chillicothe, Ohio Saturday October 16, 2004 "(Reverend Hummer)``There are many people who think that the destruction of Iraqi life is as direct an assault on the sacred as is the taking of unborn life. There are many people who regard the death penalty as an admission of the smallness of our nature rather than evidence of our greatness.''
``God bless you. Win, will you?'' Hummer told Kerry after mass ended. "

Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Columbus Sunday October 17, 2004 "The president's privatization plan for Social Security is another way of saying to our seniors that the promise of security is going to be broken."

DNC literature...
A DNC faith comparison chart between Kerry and Bush can anyone find the link to this document?

Host Packet for People of Faith Potluck
my favourite line is..."Are there other networks, church groups, or concerned people in your community...

LINKS: NY Times,

the king of the Hill

PS feel free to post comments to other links you know of...

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