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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Relections of a Race of Faith.

In my opinion this election campaign has been an election mainly about belief systems. Political ideology has been pushed to the side, and the main thrust has been centered around values, religion, and ethics.

The left has pushed the religion of secularism, universalism, and anything antithetical to Judeo-Christianity. The left has projected a strong leaning for support for atheist and Islamic views. The left has stood for lax ethics.

The right has been strong for defending religious partisanship. Universalism has been vigorously fought, and strong values and an ethical outlook on life has been held high.

I have a strong belief that this world is more than just the physical. It is more than partisan politics. I believe that the struggles we see in political leadership are a reflection of the spiritual battle waging in our world. I heard a comment last night which went, "God is not a republican." Simplistically that statement is true. What I believe is that God is not on the side of the republicans, but republicans are on God's side. It is a different world view. Th left will not understand this.

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